How to Organize Yourself the Perfect Wedding

This article will describe the first stages that you need to consider when preparing for a wedding. It will discuss the main topic from how to search for free wedding invitation templates to how to budget the event correctly. You have to follow, but never forget that they could change according to your own circumstances.

The Wedding budget

The first thing that should make future newlyweds is a list of expenses according to plan a wedding reception, and relentlessly follows it. All additional costs and a change in plans should also be spelled out in the ” budget.” In fact, creating the wedding budget could be an important and interesting experience for the future family.

To save you have to strictly follow the planned costs. Always have a reserve of 20% of the total, because if you happen to overrun (and it often happens), it is this margin that will help control costs. This will save you from a haphazard spending, debts and loans from friends or banks.

The Wedding concept

It can be anything – from a peasant wedding in the countryside, to the vampire party in a Transylvania-like restaurant. The main point is that everything from the invitation card to the menu is created according to the general idea. If you decide to be original, the guests should be warned in advance to prepare themselves for this unusual party. Usually the concept of wedding is described in the invitations.

The wedding invitations

We always recommend making your own invitations, as this will ensure that you come up with something different and at a lower price. To do this, search for free invitation templates and find your unique idea. Blend it with your wedding concept to get the final result. Do not forget that you can ask for help from a professional designer.

Official registration of the marriage

Traditionally, the bride and the groom hold a grand wedding at the registry office. To do this, you need to apply, pay the state fee and wait for a month (really depends on the country, so check with your local authorities). If the bride is pregnant, the procedure could be reduced and for that you will need to provide a proof of pregnancy.

The most important thing in the organization of the wedding (apart from love, of course) is the choice of the date. The calendar is full of various holidays and holy fasts, during which weddings are not held, depending on your religion.

How to save: the cost of the wedding is usually very low, the most costly part is the extra “services” of a particular church. Candles, hammer, singing and bell-ringer can “eat” from your budget. It all depends on – whether it’s a central cathedral or a small church in the suburbs.

Wedding in the countryside

There is a trend for organizing weddings in tents somewhere in a picturesque corner of the countryside. Of course, the best is to hire a professional service that will bring, install tents, lay the tables and then removed everything at the end. Such a wedding would mean that it would be cheap to organize, but on the contrary, could even increase the costs and make it more expensive than a “traditional style” wedding. In addition, there is the element of surprise – which is the weather and that is uncontrollable.

How to save: If your dream is a Western-style wedding, and the budget is very limited, the preparation for the celebration will have to start early. Various tents and canopies can be bought both in online stores and various stores. There is choice and it is possible to find inexpensive and high quality equipment. And make sure that the venue of the celebration is not a private property, and that your party does not require a special permit.

Selecting the restaurant

When choosing the restaurant, If you are not familiar with it, go there a few times, try different dishes, make sure you like their overall quality and performance.

How to save: Since the wedding dinner uses most of the wedding budget, a robust saving is important when choosing the dishes.

Wedding plan and cost overruns

You have to make a step-by-step plan of the wedding with the running costs at every point and discuss it with the person responsible for the organization, and relentlessly enforced. Usually, weddings tend to go over budget and even the time frame could not match the original one. Keep in mind that you could always save by doing small bit and bobs by yourself (like for example designing your own invitations by looking at the section free wedding invitation templates).

When you have finally have decided on the date and venue of the wedding party, it’s time to invite the guests.

There are other equally important stages for your wedding, but we will describe in other articles. Do not forget that these stages could vary from country to country and from wedding to wedding. Never forget to apply logic and decide based on your own circumstances.